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6th Global Experts Meeting on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, will be organized around the theme “Advances in Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology”

Nanomaterials 2016 is comprised of 12 tracks and 91 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Nanomaterials 2016.

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The technology and generation of Nanomaterials has created top notch excitement and expectancies in the previous couple of years. The subsequent decade is in all likelihood to witness principal strides in the guidance, characterisation and exploitation of Nanowires, Nanoparticles, Nanorods, Nanotubes, Nanocrystals, Nanounits and their assemblies. At present there are almost 29 research universities which paintings at the nanomaterial's all around the world and the big market evaluation over the $US market together with the Asia pacific $2900 were released for the nanomaterial studies. The research universities at the artificial Nanomaterials are 65 and are still been accelerated. The market research in the North the United States is stated to pass $3150 by the cease of 2016. The predicted price range allocated for the research is almost $74744.00 in the month of March 2015. The anticipated quantity of industries running on Nanomaterials is predicted to pass 2400 by means of the quit of 2016.

  • Track 1-1Characterisation of Nanomaterials
  • Track 1-2Graphene Technologies
  • Track 1-3OrganicInorganicBiomedical & Macromolecular Nanomaterials
  • Track 1-4Various Nanostructures: NanotubesNanoparticlesNanowiresNanorodsNanocrystals
  • Track 1-5Nanostructured CeramicsThinfilms & Coatings
  • Track 1-6Various modifications of Nanomaterials

Nanomaterials deal with very first-rate structures: a nanometer is a billionth of a meter. This certainly permits us to think in each the top to bottom and bottom to top processes to synthesize Nanomaterials, i.e. both to collect atoms collectively or to dis-assemble (damage, or dissociate) bulk solids into finer portions till they're constituted of just a few atoms. This area is a pure instance of interdisciplinary work encompassing physics, chemistry, and engineering up to medication.

  • Track 2-1Synthesis of Nanomaterials
  • Track 2-2Hydrothermal synthesis of Nanomaterials
  • Track 2-3Bio-synthesis of Nanomaterials
  • Track 2-4Advanced methods of Synthesis of Nanomaterials

The rapid boom of the Nanodevices is main the arena thru the roadways of development in various segments of technological know-how and generation. The Nano gadgets and Nano structures have introduced a super exchange of the human race with its Nano way of life gadgets. The studies entails in clever sensors and smart delivery structures, modelling and simulation alongside the biologically inspired gadgets that are predicted to move at a excellent growth of 34% CAGR and the predicted boom of the Nanoswitches and Optical-biosensors is up to $fifty eight.nine% billion growth through the stop of 2018 through registering a healthy CAGR of 20.7%.around the world making the world's pay attention the research areas of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.


  • Track 3-1Realibility of Nanodevices & Systems
  • Track 3-2Nanoscale processs engineering
  • Track 3-3Nanosurface engineering
  • Track 3-4Nanodevice fabrication
  • Track 3-5System integration,NEMS
  • Track 3-6Nano manufacturing techniques
  • Track 3-7Modelling and simulation of Nanomaterials & Nanodevices

The development of Nanomaterials and nanotechnology has delivered a new generation within the field of Nanomedicine. The application of the Nanomedicine within the distinct fields of drugs are assisting the human race for the step forward in drug transport, blood purification, tissue engineering most cancers and additionally associated fields of drugs. The market analysis says that the Nanomedicine income for the most cancers prognosis has crossed $7.1billion in 2009 and with over 230 companies in Nanoinformatics and forty five products worldwide of Nano bio-era at the very least $4.6 billion in research and improvement is been invested each yr. more than 490 universities of Nano medicine around the arena and about fifty four industries in India are doing studies in drug shipping and biomedical instrumentation. Almost $9, six hundred million is been funded on this assignment. Tissue engineering is the existing studies that are concentrated through the UK.

  • Track 4-1BLOOD Purification
  • Track 4-2Cancer
  • Track 4-3Photodynamic teraphy
  • Track 4-4Medical devices
  • Track 4-5Drug delivery
  • Track 4-6Tissue engineering
  • Track 4-7DNA technology
  • Track 4-8Nanobiotechnology

The residences of a material depend upon the form of motion its electrons can execute, which depends on the distance available for them. As a result, the houses of a cloth are characterised via a particular “length scale”, normally on the nanometre measurement. If the bodily size of the cloth is decreased under this length scale, its homes trade and turn out to be sensitive to size and form.

  • Track 5-1Physical properties
  • Track 5-2Chemical properties
  • Track 5-3Magnetic properties
  • Track 5-4Optical properties
  • Track 5-5Thermal properties
  • Track 5-6Mechanical Properties

The Nanomaterials and the nanotechnology collectively have modified the face of the electronic international wherein the revolution has all started with the development of the Nanoelectronic devices. The TFT (skinny film transistor) and the Nanorobotics have made the world to show their faces into nanotechnology absolutely. Now a days 48 universities absolutely studies at the Nanoelectronic devices throughout the globe. And the robotics and clinical diagnosis have 36 new research initiatives going on. Currently, 6800 industries paintings on Nanoelectronic mission and Nanoelectronics have a global growing market of round $519.25 billion by means of 2016.

  • Track 6-1Nanorobotics & Nanomanufacturing
  • Track 6-2Optoelectronics & photonics
  • Track 6-3Molecular scale electronics
  • Track 6-4Nanolithography
  • Track 6-5Thin Film Transistor (TFT)
  • Track 6-6Photovoltaic devices
  • Track 6-7Optoelectronic devices

Nanomaterials and nanotechnology have laid the path in the field of energy with the development of the various fields of energy. Various environmental aspects like the green chemistry and the pollution prevention are playing the key roles in the preserving of the global treasures. It is expected that research funds of $15 billion 2015 will cross $23 billion by the end of the 2020. There are nearly 26 universities and 15 new researches are been carried on electrochemistry which also include nuclear reactions and fuel cells.

  • Track 7-1Green chemistry & Nanomaterials
  • Track 7-2Pollution prevention
  • Track 7-3Reducing of energy consumption
  • Track 7-4Bimetallic & Iron based nanoparticles
  • Track 7-5Nanomembrane & Nanoseive
  • Track 7-6Nanomaterials for clean and sustainable water technology

Nanomaterials have a totally wide variety of programs inside the discipline of numerous technology. The diverse fields of engineering and in conjunction with the drugs and biology have a totally large impact of nanotechnology inside the improvement. At gift there are 21 new studies initiatives carried on the sector of electronics and 22 in fabric which can be in process. it's far anticipated that 75 new researchers going in this discipline with an annual quantity of $15,000 million spent on Nano-optics studies in 2014-2015.the applications of the nanomaterial's in numerous fields consist of electronics, renewable and sustainable electricity, sensors and actuators pc applications communique networks and Nano magnetics in conjunction with the photocatalysis and plenty of greater.

  • Track 8-1Biology & Medicine
  • Track 8-2Commercializing Nanotechnology
  • Track 8-3Nanoscale communication & Networks
  • Track 8-4Nanomagnetics
  • Track 8-5Ter-hertz application
  • Track 8-6Sensors & Actuators
  • Track 8-7Photocatalysis
  • Track 8-8Environmental application
  • Track 8-9Communication
  • Track 8-10Computer applications
  • Track 8-11Chemical & Pharmaceutical applications
  • Track 8-12Futuristic implementations

The development of Nanomaterials has made the whole international deal with the benefits of the fast developing discipline of Nanomaterials and nanotechnology. it is envisioned that over 1500 manufactured- identified nanotech products are publicly to be had, with the brand new ones hitting the marketplace every week. The considerable range of ability products and programs offers nanotechnology its enormous boom prospects. The global nanotechnology industry will increase to reach Americas seventy five. Eight billion with the useful resource of 2020 making each sector of era and generation listen in making the nanotechnology and Nanomaterials play an vital characteristic in their future development.

  • Track 9-1Agricultural development
  • Track 9-2Climate engineering
  • Track 9-3Construction
  • Track 9-4Electronics & Home applications
  • Track 9-5Military
  • Track 9-6Transport

Progressively lignocellulose together with the Nano cellulosic utility is increasing in tampons, superior wound dressing thanks to absorbent homes. Nano-cellulose for this reason can play a important role in developing the prevailing healthcare merchandise. As an increasing number of research sports are done throughout the globe, the market will be seeded with more recent products. besides being environmentally friendly, the attractiveness of lignocellulose & Nano cellulose based totally products is sure to boom. Mixed impact of those elements may be a dynamically developing Nanocellulose market. Despite the fact that research has been completed inside the vicinity of Nano cellulose application, few tasks had been taken to optimize big scale lignocellulose & Nanocellulose production. Because the Nano cellulose industry prospers, the want for commercial manufacturing will bring in new manufacturing methods. it's miles anticipated that the finances in this discipline are going to cross 23.1% boom price whilst as compared to the present marketplace.

  • Track 10-1Manufacturing techniques of nanocellulose`
  • Track 10-2Nanocellulose dimensions & crystallinity
  • Track 10-3Mechanical & chemical properties
  • Track 10-4Structural modifications of lignin
  • Track 10-5Surface modifications of Nanocellulose
  • Track 10-6Applications of Nanocellulose in various fields

Nanomaterials (nanocrystalline materials) are substances possessing grain sizes on the order of a billionth of a meter.  They manifest extraordinarily charming and beneficial properties, which can be exploited for a ramification of structural and non-structural packages. seeing that Nanomaterials own unique, beneficial chemical, bodily, and mechanical houses, they may be used for an extensive form of programs, like next era laptop Chips, Kinetic power (KE) Penetrators with more advantageous Lethality, better Insulation materials, Phosphors for excessive-Definition tv, Low-cost Flat-Panel displays, more difficult and more difficult cutting tools, elimination of pollution, excessive strength Density Batteries, excessive-power Magnets, high-Sensitivity Sensors, motors with greater gas efficiency, Aerospace additives with superior performance characteristics, higher and destiny weapons platforms, Longer-Lasting Satellites, Longer-Lasting medical Implants, Ductile, Machinable Ceramics, huge Electro chromic show devices.

  • Track 11-1Nanomaterial Applications using Carbon Nanotubes
  • Track 11-2Nanomaterials Applications in Biotechnologies and Medicine
  • Track 11-3Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
  • Track 11-4Nanomaterial Applications for Nanostructures
  • Track 11-5Nanomaterial Applications using Nanowires
  • Track 11-6Nanomaterial Applications using Nanoparticles
  • Track 11-7Nanomaterial Applications using Nanofibers
  • Track 11-8Nanomaterial Applications using Nanocomposites
  • Track 11-9Nanomaterial Applications using Graphene
  • Track 11-10Nanomaterials Applications in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics

The consumer international is exploding with “nanotechnology superior” merchandise. purchaser products is an area in which the professionals are saying the maximum instantaneous nanotechnology influences may be made and diagnosed with the aid of the general public of human beings within the global. Presently there are various products in the marketplace which can be the end result of nanotechnology. The sector around us is full of packages that nanotechnology makes feasible. Nanotechnology is influencing the improvement of a wide style of very various fields; among these are electronics, biotechnology and consumer applications, Starting from tennis balls to bandages to palm pilots, nanotechnology is making a big effect on the jobs we work at and the products that we enjoy.

  • Track 12-1Nanotechnology products for Air Quality
  • Track 12-2Nanotechnology products for Sporting goods
  • Track 12-3Nanotechnology products for Solar Cells
  • Track 12-4Nanotechnology products for Medicine
  • Track 12-5Nanotechnology products for Fuel
  • Track 12-6Nanotechnology products for Fuel Cells
  • Track 12-7Nanotechnology products for Food
  • Track 12-8Nanotechnology products for Fabrics
  • Track 12-9Nanotechnology products for Electronics
  • Track 12-10Nanotechnology products for Cleaning Products
  • Track 12-11Nanotechnology products for Chemical Sensors
  • Track 12-12Nanotechnology products for Batteries
  • Track 12-13Nanotechnology products for Water quality